Mark and I just mailed our Father’s Day cards. Like many of you, we will have to settle for a phone call rather than a hug from our dads. Have you made Father’s Day plans yet? I know dads can sometimes feel like “their day” is a distant second to Mother’s Day. 

A Time article recently re-enforced this idea. Did you know that it took 58 years after Mother’s Day was officially recognized before Father’s Day received national holiday status in 1972? Maybe you are not surprised that in 2018, consumers are expected to spend $7.8 billion dollars less on Father’s Day versus Mother’s Day.  The article was quick to note that most fathers are probably glad of less spending.  At the end of the article it noted that the federal government spends $100 billion dollars annually on programs to support father-absent homes.

So, what’s the worth of fathers?  As one advertisement says, the impact of fathers is “priceless”. Fathers make so much more than an economic impact on families.  Recent studies show the power of fathers on the emotional health of families.  And, powerfully, when fathers show their commitment to Jesus Christ, children are more likely to grow in their own faith.

On Sunday, we’ll continue in our “This Is Us” series focusing on fathers. We’ll celebrate dads in all the services. One of my two favorite dads and Grace Church’s pastor/dad, Mark Crumpler will preach.

Last call for Vacation Bible School on June 25-29. You don’t want to miss it. Live music, pastors speaking everyday and tons of volunteers investing in the next generation. It’s also a great way for your neighbors and their kids to check out Grace Church!  You can sign up here or share the link.

Also, our Holy Land information meeting will be right after each service this Sunday.  Head to the back of the auditorium for the brief meeting.  Don’t miss this chance to join me and Mark for this lifechanging adventure this October. Deadline to sign up is July 1.

I can’t wait for Sunday. And dads, you don’t have to wear your new tie. 

Your friend and pastor, 




Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor