Do you remember your first date?  If you are married, do you remember your first date with your spouse?  This weekend, we continue in our series, THIS IS US.  Mark Crumpler will be preaching “For this reason” exploring what Jesus had to say about marriage and some practical implications for those who are single, those who are dating and those who are married.

N T Wright calls marriage a “signpost”.  Here’s what he writes…

That is why, I believe, the ­biblical picture of man and woman together in marriage is not something about which we can say, “Oh well, they had some funny ideas back then. We know better now.” The biblical view of marriage is part of the larger whole of new creation, and it symbolizes and points to that divine plan. Every time I, as a priest, celebrate the marriage of a couple, I remind myself, and I frequently remind the couple, that what we are doing is setting up a signpost. We live in a world of many storms and many winds; those signposts can easily get battered and broken. But they are pointing somewhere – and the reality to which they are pointing is the fulfillment of God’s good purposes for creation.

Marriage is a sign of all things in heaven and on earth coming together in Christ. That’s why it is a tough calling. But that is why, also, it is central and non-negotiable. That, for me, is what it’s all about.

I’ll be away this weekend, doing a wedding but will tune in online.  IF you don’t know it already, we livestream our worship services each week.  Watching online is a great way to stay connected if you are on vacation or sick at home.  You can go to our website and click sermons to find our livestream services.  Of course, It’s never a substitute for being together.  I will miss being with you this weekend and look forward to being back next week. 

A couple other things for our church family as we get ready for summertime and vacation mode.

Vacation Bible School is almost here (June 25-29). If you haven’t signed up all ready, you can  CLICK HERE.

This is the best week of the year for us to double-down on our commitment to the next generation.  The staff and the children’s leadership team have been working on an amazing week.  It’s exciting to be in our new mid-week campus for the week.  Sign your kids and grand kids up.  And sign yourself up too to volunteer.  I can’t wait. 

Holy Land Trip – Mark and I will host an information meeting on June 17th – immediately following both services in the back of the sanctuary (right side as you are leaving).  If you are on the fence, now is the time to sign up.  We are excited about the trip this Fall. It’s a great opportunity to grow in your faith.  Deadline is July 1st and space is limited. Click here for more information.

And last…. Please GIVE BEFORE YOU GO.  Your giving and generosity are vital to the mission and ministry at Grace Church.  In the summertime, our expenses and our programs don’t slow down, they increase.  I am so grateful for your faithfulness in this strategic season.   So, before you head out on vacation, please consider giving before you go.

It is a privilege to be…

Your pastor and friend,



Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor