I have been away this week working on all the sermon series for the next year (August 2018-May 2019). On these weeks, I bury myself in a library to think and pray. As I pray, I see your faces and think about your stories. I pray about God's faithfulness and our church's story and where God is leading us. I pray as I read the Bible and begin to choose the texts and topics we will explore together. Please pray for me as I spend the next month planning our coming year.

On Sunday, I will be continuing our This Is US series--preaching on a topic that is near and dear to my heart. CS Lewis said that, "Friendship is the greatest of worldly goods. Certainly, to me it is the chief happiness of life."

The older I get the more I know C. S. Lewis is correct. Friendship is a gift that can't be bought. It often comes in surprising ways. Friendship has to be nurtured and developed over time. Friends cry with you, celebrate with you, challenge you, and in all of it, love you. Many people think that Paul, the church planter, leader and strategist in the New Testament, was a lone ranger Christian. But, if you read his letters you see a different story. On Sunday, we will sit at Paul's feet and see his heart and his friends, and we will be reminded again how important community and friendship is for our lives. At both services, we will take communion and celebrate Grace Church's graduating seniors. 

I can't wait to see you Sunday!   

Your pastor and friend,



Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor