A few years ago, an ad agency created a fake job description and started doing real interviews. The interviewer described the job to candidates as “Director of Operations.”

“It’s not just a job. It’s probably the most important job.  The responsibilities and requirements are quite extensive.  Constant mobility.  No breaks. Excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills.  A degree in medicine, finance and the culinary arts.  The ability to work in a chaotic environment.  Over the holidays, the workload goes up. The associates will need constant attention. But, the meaningful connections that you make and the feelings you get when you help your associates are immeasurable.  And the salary… nothing.”

The candidates are incredulous.  Finally, the interviewer shares the punchline… there is someone who has this job. In fact, billions have this job all around the globe.  Moms.

This weekend, we begin a new series called, “This Is Us”.  We will take a look at the real life of families.  The series will go from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day and will look at the one thing we all have in common – we have family.  Your family may not be perfect. It is dysfunctional (because all families are). But, family shapes you. Survey after survey affirms that family ties are our deepest source of satisfaction and meaning, as well as the source of our greatest worries and pain.

The Bible tells the real-story of lots of imperfect families. Their stories wouldn’t be good, perfect, Facebook posts, or good Christmas card letters.  But, they can help us look in the mirror at our own families.  This week, in my message, we will look at Sarah and Abraham, and the way they laughed their way all the way to God’s faithfulness.

At both services (9 am – Classic & 10:30 – Modern), we will celebrate moms and those who are like moms to us. Children’s choirs will sing at both services. Also, before or after service, there will be a photo booth for you to grab a picture with your family (or with some of your GRACE family). Keep spreading GRACE!

Your pastor and friend,



Dr. Marnie Crumpler, Senior Pastor

PS. Serve Day was such a beautiful picture of our church being the church – loving Bethlehem in Jesus’ name.  Click here to see some photos of the day.  Thanks to the over 250 of you who were a part!