He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

What a wonderful celebration we had on Sunday. We declared the truth that generations have declared before us. We declared the truth that shapes every part of who we are as a community of believers.

There are so many pictures in my mind as I thank God for all that happened in our midst.

Families gathering around the flower cross together for pictures and fellowship--the second year of this new tradition for our church!

The choir surrounding the congregation singing the truth of the resurrection and then ending the service with the Hallelujah Chorus with Tom Goeman playing and leading our guest musicians playing brass and timpani.

The countless numbers of volunteers in the parking lot and inside welcoming our guests. 

Coming to BECA via satellite parking allowing more parking for our guests. Thanks to all who rode the shuttle.

Announcing our new name GRACE CHURCH BETHLEHEM...An ECO Presbyterian Community (click here to see the announcement) and seeing you joyfully celebrate. 

An intergenerational band and singers in our modern service leading a new song "Family of Grace" 

1,612 worshippers in our two services and lots of kids in our children's program. With no official advertising campaign, you invited friends and family to be a part of Easter worship. You may know that statistics show that most people come to church for the first time by a personal invitation.

It was such a great Easter celebration!

Sunday, we celebrated THE truth of our faith: Jesus was crucified, dead and buried and then on the third day he came out of the grave. And this weekend, we get to declare it all over again. This weekend, we begin a new series, Serve Bethlehem. How do we apply the truth of the resurrection in our own city? How do we live it out in our everyday life? How do we serve our city as followers of Jesus? As a part of the series, we will welcome one of our city leaders and invite them to share about the needs of our city. The series will lead us to our Serve Day on May 5th. You can sign up now (click here) to serve in places literally all over our city. I am praying that over 300 of us will join together to make a difference in our city that day.

Also on Sunday at the 9 am service, we will ordain and install the 2021 class of officers. All ordained officers will be invited to come forward to lay hands on our officers for the installation prayer. Be in prayer for your church leaders as they begin their service.

I can't wait to be with you this weekend, Grace Church Bethlehem! 

Your pastor and friend,



Marnie Crumpler
Senior Pastor